THE ORIGINAL Newton steering stiffeners (vanagon 2wd)

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    • Designed by Jason Newton, master VW and Vanagon specialist for 25 years. The 2WD Vanagon has an inherent weakness in the design of the steering rack mount. Under load in turns, over bumps and in windy conditions, the steering rack mount flexes causing bump steer and poor steering feel. 75 percent of all vans I see have a distorted mount due to age and rough use. These brackets install easily and allow you to stiffen the mount to correct and prevent further damage. Installation videos show ease of installation and what they do. There are no holes to drill, no special tools needed. These are lasercut and precisely bent to be a perfect modification free fit. Powder coated with new hardware. I do recommend an alignment check due to possible toe setting changes. I have partnered up with Branden Floyd at for manufacture and sales of these great products.